Poll: Would Your Rather Win the Olympic Marathon or Boston?

by - Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just a quick informal poll this morning in honor of the men's Olympic marathon.

If you could win one race, would you prefer to win the Olympic marathon or the Boston marathon and why?

Discuss in the comments. I'll share some later this week!

Go Team USA!

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  1. Olympics (but it was close) since I would be winning for Country as well.

  2. Olympics. No contest. Boston to me is one of the World Majors, same as London, Berlin, NYC... Oly's are the big time (IMO). However if I were to win Boston that'd be ok too haha.

  3. Olympics hands down. While Boston is great and all, winning the Olympics is more impressive. You have to qualify for both races, but Boston admitted 26,655 runners, the Olympics admitted 105 men and 118 women. The Olympic athletes are all the best of the best, top of the line, competitive athletes. To be in their company means you are your country's best. If I had to pick, I want to be an Olympian.

  4. mmmonyka9:02 AM

    Of course the Olympics. Boston is just a regular race that mostly Americans (and some pro runners. Seriously most runners from other continents dont give a s**t about Bostin. If they know a marathon in the US it is New York marathon) care about but Olympics is a global
    event with the best of the best participating.

  5. Olympics, hands down. You don't have Bob Costa commenting on Boston ;)

  6. Olympics all the way. Boston would still be a great win but that location doesn't change every four years.