Marine Corps Marathon Training Plan

by - Thursday, August 02, 2012

Well my base building phase is officially over, and on Monday, I dove into Marine Corps Marathon training marathon training full force.

I spent the week I was on vacation reviewing a ton of different training plans, looking at my calendar for the next several months and crafting a plan that would work in my schedule.

Training for fall marathons is always a little bit tricky for me because long runs tend to conflict with either football tailgate days or my flag football league.


So this year, to prevent too much schedule clashing, I built a plan that has a ton of flexibility for long runs. Depending on the week, I will be tackling my long runs on either Friday, Saturday, Sunday or in more rare cases, Monday.

Going with the theme of flexibility, there are several days where I have shorter easier, runs scheduled. I plan to do the majority of those runs, but if there's a time I'm starting to feel some burn out or can just tell that my legs need a break, those workouts will be swapped for cross-training -- either biking or hitting the pool.

training plan

If you're curious, you can take a closer look at my training plan.

I'm only a few days into training, but it's been going well so far. Or at least it was until I ran into a minor blister issue.

Rocking a sweet Phineas and Ferb bandaid on my blister. Love the bright yellow!

I'm not sure where this bad boy came from, but I think I got some dirt in my shoe at softball on Monday that rubbed the wrong way. I tried to run yesterday morning, but even putting my foot in my sneaker hurt because my toes were squeezed together.

I've got some blister pads on it now that I'm hoping will take care of the problem. I'm heading to a bootcamp class this morning led by Army soldiers and I'm hoping I can get through the class without too many issues.

It should be a fun training cycle, and I'm so looking forward to finally running MCM!


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  1. happy training :)

  2. It's nice that you built in such flexibility for the long runs. As long as they get done, that's all that matters!

    The new design looks great and I love your caption!

  3. A playtpus bandaid? A PERRY THE PLATYPUS BANDAID?

    Sorry... couldn't resist. Your training plan looks awesome.

  4. At least you had a Phineas and Ferb band-aid to rescue you from the blister. Training plan looks good!

  5. Haha yea! I got those bandaids in a swag bag at some point. They are pretty awesome!

  6. Interesting that you're doing Yasso 800s without any other track work...unless you just didn't list it. Also, aren't you supposed to do 8 of them?

    Anyway...Good Luck.

  7. I just ramped up for MCM training too! Good luck with your plan it looks great!

  8. Some of the other intervals I list on Mondays will be track work.

    For the Yasso's I think you're supposed to start with a smaller number and then build up to 10 throughout the course of your training. I'm not doing that, but I wanted to do a few just to see where I stand throughout training.

  9. Good luck with your training too!!

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