Playing Tourist with my Mom

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This weekend my mom was in town for the Nike Women's Half Marathon. It's the first time in a while my mom has come down to DC, and since she was here for a long weekend, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to show her all of my favorite things down here.

Weekend with my mom
Georgetown Waterfront

After picking up our race packets on Friday afternoon, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked around the monuments. I think in total we logged more than five miles of walking on Friday. We strolled through Georgetown (which was where the expo was held) and then walked down to the Lincoln Memorial, along the Reflecting Pool to the World War II Memorial and past the Washington Monument.

Weekend with my mom
Mom, Reflecting Pool, Monument

We paused for a classic tourist shot in front of the White House before grabbing food at Chop't my favorite grab-and-go salad place in the city.

Weekend with my mom

On Saturday, I took my mom to one of my other favorite places down here: UMD's campus. Saturday was Maryland Day - a huge festival celebrating all things Maryland. It's largely an event geared toward families with kids. All the colleges on campus have activities, like painting turtle shells or serving ice cream from the Dairy, but it's still a fun time to stroll around and check things out.

Maryland Day with my mom! #terps

And I got to show my mom where my name was engraved on the ODK fountain in the center of campus. It's been there for a few years now, but she had never seen it.

Finding my name on the ODK fountain!

Sunday after the race, we met up with my aunt and cousins for dinner at Founding Farmers - one of my all time favorite restaurants down here. Even though we made the dinner plans kind of last minute, all my cousins were free so we had a great time catching up and stuffing our faces with delicious food.

Weekend with my mom

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job of showing off all my favorite things to my mom while she was here. It was a great weekend, but a little bit exhausting, and I still I'm still trying to recover from all of the fun.

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  1. Looks so fun! I was going for a PR so I didn't want to spend the weekend on my feet but I really want to come back to DC for some sightseeing soon

  2. How cool! When you live there, you never get to do the touristy things until someone else comes to town. It is fun. At least you get to run past the monuments sometimes.

  3. Meredith1:58 PM

    Oh how I miss Founding Farmers. I should put it on my list of things to do the next time I'm in town!