Getting Beat Up At Softball

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

Last night was an eventful night on the softball diamond.


Our team won. I pitched and hit pretty well. But man did I get beat up in the process.

It started in the second inning when I rolled my ankle on the first base bag. As I was running to first, I hit the base awkwardly and my ankle just couldn't stabilize me. It smarted for a bit, but certainly wasn't anything major.

But then a few innings later when we were in the field, one of the guys on the other team completely lost control of the bat when he was hitting. It flew right out of his hands into my general vicinity. I was so stunned, I'm fairly certain my mouth fell open and I just sort of stood there.

Our third baseman reacted a little bit faster and went after the ball, which had luckily rolled foul. But it's safe to say I was not looking forward to pitching to this kid again, and I was very happy when he struck out a few pitches later. (You actually can't really strike out in our league, but when you throw the bat, we make special rules for you, for the safety of everyone else.)

As if all that wasn't bad enough, I got pegged in the lower back with the ball toward the end of the game.

Softball game one

I was on deck, waiting for my turn to bat when one of our guys was running from third to home. Their second baseman tried to whip the ball into their catcher to make the tag, but the throw was insanely off the mark. I saw the ball coming and tried to spin out of the way, but it nailed me right on my lower back.

It was completely unintentional, but it still hurt like a B. I have a nice bruise this morning and can't really sit back in a chair because it hurts. Going to be a real pleasant few days until that heals.

Two inches lower and it would have hit my butt and probably hurt a lot less because there's actually some padding there.

Luckily none of my injuries will prevent me from playing in my double-header tomorrow because that would have just made me sad.

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  1. I'd say great game...but....your team won so yeah!

    I have't played baseball since I was a teenager.

  2. I played softball for 17 years and miss it like crazy...but it wasn't until the later years that I actually became afraid of the ball a little bit. I pitched for most of those years and could field balls hit back at me, but sometimes they made me nervous, especially as we got older and girls could hit harder and faster.

    In the major leagues, the hitters have less than a second to react to those 90 mph balls coming at about nerve-wracking!