Tune Inn Softball Season Opener

by - Friday, May 17, 2013

All this week leading up to softball, I've been annoyingly bouncing around like a fool and counting down the days left until our first game. Normally on gchat to my friend Jon who is also the team coach.

This is Jon, one of my closest friends and coach of our team

I'm sure Jon wanted to wring my neck.

Softball pretty much signals the start of summer for me, and it was so good to be back on our field playing under the lights last night.

Softball game one

Most rec league sports teams in DC have to send an intern to squat on the Mall all day long to reserve a small patch of grass to be used as a field, but luckily, we have a permit for a real field down in Southwest that has lights for when they sun starts to set.

We got to work pretty quickly putting a hurting on the other team. The final score was something like 16-3.

Softball game one
Team mascot Marley watching from the sidelines

I played a so-so game. My first at bat was awesome. Got a really solid hit - a two-run RBI single I believe.

My second at bat was pathetic. I was getting annoyed at the pitcher's inability to throw a hit-able ball and started swing half-heartedly at a lot of really, realllllly bad pitches. And third at bat I reached on a fielder's choice.

I pitched relief in the 6th inning and threw pretty well. Glad to see my pitching managed to not get rusty in the off-season. (Then again, it's a slow-pitch league, pretty much just need to lob the ball over the plate.)

And of course after the game, we headed over to the Tune Inn for our traditional post-game celebration.

Finally got my softball jersey last night! Love it!
Our team Tune Inn jerseys

So glad softball is here and thrilled summer is unofficially here too!

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