Injuries, Vacations and Birthdays

by - Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not being able to workout is still driving me nuts, but I'm trying to be more mellow about it and enjoy my time soaking up AC while all the DC runners are miserable in the heat and humidity.

....That was almost believable right?

I mean seriously who am I kidding. Not being able to run is killlllling me.

But I'm trying to remember some sage advice a friend gave me back in the winter when I was laid up with my stress fracture:

Don't be stupid\

I think the same holds true for this foot sprain or whatever it is. Just swap ankle brace for aircast and the message is still the same. trying to be more mellow about it, I'm instead focusing on my awesome beach vacation which starts in about 8 hours or so.

I'm peacing out for the week and heading to Rehoboth with my family to do nothing more stressful than stick my toes in the sand and read a bunch of books. In fact, I hit the library last night to pick up some quality beach reading, but I think I may have gone a bit overboard...

Pre beach library trip...I didn't go over board or anything... #booknerd

11 books in one week...totally do-able right?

And speaking of family...yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday!

Dad and grandma
Dad and my grandma at my parents' wedding

Family in Philly
Family in Philly last fall for the UMD v Temple game

Happy birthday Dad!

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