Trying to Workout Post-Foot Sprain

by - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So by yesterday my sprained foot was starting to feel better. The pain was pretty minimal, and the doctor had given me the go ahead to start some low impact activities.

That friends is my very not broken foot!!!! So relieved. It's just a bone bruise.
My not broken foot!

I was so beyond thrilled to get some exercise since other than cleaning out closets to get ready for my move, I've largely been sitting on my butt for the last two weeks.

So last night after work I headed to the fitness center and planned to put in some time on the bike. But sadly, when I got there all the stationery bikes were broken. Super annoying.

Intervals done! Bring on the weekend! #wavesayonara

My only other option was an elliptical and I figured since that was pretty low impact I'd be OK.

I did 20 minutes. Nothing too intense, but enough to work up a bit of a sweat.

My foot felt pretty OK during the workout, but by the time I walked back to my house afterward, I realized working out had been a big mistake.

My foot was swollen again and super, super painful.

I immediately iced it down and kept icing it on and off for the rest of the night. This morning when I woke up it definitely hurt more than it did yesterday, so I'm putting myself on an exercise ban. No exercise (other than the pool when and if I can get there) until the first week of August.

Basically, I need this to be healed in time for my softball tournament on August 3. Priorities.



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