Thursday Check-In

by - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sorry I've been fairly MIA this week friends.

With this whole foot injury thing, I feel like I don't have very much that's relevant to write on my "health and fitness" blog.

The one upside to wearing a boot? At least everyone on Metro is nice to you.

Plus this week has been more than a little stressful at the office. As some of you might know, I work for the government in DC. And if you've been following along with the news, you may also be aware that Congress is yet again unable to do its one and only job of passing a budget, so we're on the brink of a government shutdown yet again. (This is sort of becoming a yearly thing now).

If we don't get a new funding bill by midnight on Monday, I'll be furloughed until Congress passes something.

As if not knowing whether or not I'll be getting paid next week isn't stressful enough, this week we all get to run around trying to put contingency plans in place in case we do shut down. Most government services will be unavailable if the government shuts down, so we've been trying to figure out how we "turn off" our programs.

So that's been my life lately.

Oh and I finally caught up on this season of the Newsroom. The season finale caught me off guard, but I have to say I loved it. That show gives me the warm and fuzzies sometimes, but that probably has a lot more to do with me being a huge journalism nerd than anything else.

So that's it for me today. Hope you all have a rockin' Thursday!

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  1. Well. That's certainly no fun! I hope they get their act together.

    You should totally bling out your boot. Give it some character! :)

  2. Andrea4:27 PM

    Good luck with everything! I'm a state government employee and went through a shutdown situation a couple years ago, so I can relate. I hope it doesn't come to that!

  3. Hi Jess, hope you feeling better day by day!! Current job condition is not in favor of employee like us, I must say I'm also working for government here in my country. So I wish everything will be in control within a fair time. Thanks.