Two Great Swim Workouts

by - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This week I've been making more of an effort to fit in time to get to the pool. It's definitely not as easy as say heading out my door for a run, but if I sit down and look at my schedule at the beginning of the week, I can find a few hours here and there to squeeze in some swim sessions.

I'm making it a goal to get to the pool three times per week until my foot heals. And while I know that might not be possible every week, I feel like if I set it as a goal and carve out the time, then I will make more of an effort to make it happen.

This week I was able to knock out one of my swims on Sunday, and I did the other one last night before watching my Eagles beat the Redskins on MNF.

Rockin my new suit at the Rodale Aquatic Center
Race suit selfies!

Sunday's swim I did a longer mid-distance type workout for a total of 2,000 yards

Here's the workout:

Warm up - 400 yards
Pre-set - 2 x 200 yards (50 legs, 50 arms, 100 both)
Main set - 2 x 500 yards with 60 second rest in between
Warm down - 200 yards easy

Total: 2,000 yards

Yesterday, I was a bit more crunched for time. Had to squeeze in the workout quickly after work before I headed over to my friend's house for the game. I picked a workout that was more based on speed than distance, and I think I may have been a little bit overly ambitious with my time for the sets.

Warm up - 400 yards
Main Set - 4 x 200 on 3:30 -- This was way too fast. I finished the first 200 in 3:34 and was sucking wind, so I adjusted the time to 4 minutes for the second 200 and then 4:30 for the remaining two.
1 x 50 easy
1 x 100 on 2:00

Warm down - 1 x 50

Total: 1,400 yards

Monday's workout actually had a lot more things in the main set, but I had to cut the workout short for time. It was originally a 60 minute workout that I trimmed to about 30 minutes or so. Sometime later this week, I might try to tackle the full workout, but obviously with my adjusted times between the sets.

I can also certainly feel the effects of two pretty challenging workouts so close together after so much time away from the pool. My shoulders and upper back where definitely sore when I get in the pool yesterday, but I know as I adjust to being in the water again that soreness will eventually fade.

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  1. Brooks Banton5:13 AM

    Impressive! I just finished doing the Nation's Tri and I am honestly hoping that I never have to swim as a workout ever again, hahaha. Good luck and hopefully it will be a quick recovery