My First NFL Game!

by - Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For as much of a football fan as I am, it always surprises people when they find out I've never been to an NFL game in person.

They all look at me funny and wonder how the girl who has Terps season tickets and spends every Saturday in the fall tailgating in College Park can have never once watched her NFL team live.

Terps homecoming

(The short story is that the Vet was not an appropriate place to take small children when I was growing up, and I never wanted to go to a game at Redskins stadium, because ew.)

But this weekend a friend of mine had an extra ticket to the Ravens game in Baltimore and invited me to tag along.

Sure I would have preferred my first NFL experience to be for my real team (that'd be the Nick Foles-led Eagles), but I wasn't about to turn down a chance to finally see a game in person, especially when the weather was pretty ideal football weather.

So Sunday I found a purse that meets the new NFL bag requirements and drove up to Baltimore to watch the Ravens play the Bengals.

Ravens game

Our seats were pretty high up, but we still had a good view, and the game went into overtime when Andy Dalton threw a Hail Mary that AJ Green caught in the end zone. (When does that ever work?)

I might have cheered a little too loudly for that since Dalton and Green are both on my fantasy team and that play single-handedly won me my game. I also drew death looks from all the Ravens fans around me. Oops.

But luckily the Ravens managed to win in overtime so everyone went home happy.

And on another good note, the Eagles won this weekend too, and Nick Foles threw three touchdown passes. Who is this guy? Other than the Terps sucking big time, it was a good sports weekend!

Did you do anything fun/sporty this weekend?

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  1. coqui4:04 AM

    I had no idea! So glad that you had fun.

  2. Tracy4:43 AM

    1. It's FedEx Field, and 2. Your favorite Redskins fan is not happy with your "ew" remark!!

    You're lucky I'm so forgiving and can look past it ;)

  3. That's so fun! I love going to live games, especially football. I've been able to see my Patriots a couple of times. One time was in the "club seats" - it was insane! The seats have your name on them and you get to go in a private VIP parking lot RIGHT next to the stadium, plus a private food area that's indoors but windowed so you can still watch the action if you get up during the game. It was amazing and will probably never happen to me again. LOL

  4. Umm those VIP seats sound amazing! Especially for cold games where you'd normally be freezing your butt off!

  5. Hahah it wasn't always FedEx....they used to play at RFK...I wouldn't have wanted to watch a game at either place...because ewww haha.

    Really I was just afraid Redskins fans would through stuff at me.