Post-Breakup Food Aversions

by - Thursday, January 02, 2014

Man if I could bottle my body's freakish ability to lose weight after a breakup and sell it to the masses I would be a millionaire.

Yes friends, my heart got dealt a seriously crappy blow on NYE when the guy I had been dating for a little while decided to call it quits pretty much guaranteeing I had the absolute worst New Year's in my life.

(In his defense, it was bad timing, but he didn't maliciously set out to completely ruin my New Year's. He's not a mean person. Please don't bash him in the comments.)

The only reason I can be this glib about it now is because I'm fairly certain there are no tears left. (At least not right now, give it another hour and I'm sure they'll be back.)

So yea, it's been a rough few days, and 2014 is not off to the best start ever. Man am I grateful that I was working from home today because I could not have handled trying to get dressed and pretending everything was hunky-dory at the office.

But back to this weight loss thing after breakups or in general times of very high stress or anxiety. When that happens to me, I literally cannot eat food. Hell, half the time I can't even stand the smell of food without feeling sick to my stomach.

So I have to force myself to drink a bunch of juice because I know I need the calories. And then eventually I can graduate to applesauce, and sometimes pudding and soup.

Last time I dealt with a breakup, I couldn't eat solid food for something like two or three weeks. It's only been a few days so far this time around, and I've already destroyed a massive jar of applesauce. I'm hoping my food aversions won't last as long this time around or else I'm going to waste away to nothing.

Does anyone else experience such strong food aversions during sad times or high stress or anxious times?

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  1. coqui2:59 PM

    So sorry, Jess.

  2. oh my god. I have the same problem. It's horrible. My boyfriend and I broke up in September and the entire month it was impossible for me to eat. I'm not anorexic or skinny by any means, so it doesn't really make sense. I can put food in my mouth, but it goes no where. I sometimes try smoothies to see if that will help, but a lot of times I just manage to drink the smoothie and still can't eat solid food. It went away about a month after the break up (it was a big, bad one) then would come back for a random day or two throughout October. Thankfully that seems to be behind me. (Though I don't miss the 10 lbs I lost)

    Hang in there. Give it time. Blah Blah Blah, you know, what everyone else is telling you, I'm sure. It helps but it doesn't... Feel free to message me if you need to vent or talk to someone going through the same thing.

  3. Let yourself heal and enjoy the comfort food. I have the opposite effect post-breakup I keep eating even after I am over the breakup! Wishing you a better 2014 <3

  4. I'm sorry for your lousy nye. I'm going through a loss right now too and have only been managing soup and dry cereal. Husband keeps trying to get me to drink milkshakes for the calories but eh. I am normally not one to turn down a shake either. Hope your 2014 gets much better than it started!

  5. I don't ever have a problem eating (ha!), but a guy broke up with me on 12/30/12, right before I went into night shift. We'd been dating for a few months and he broke up with me because I wasn't his religion...which he'd known from the start and by the time you're 30+, I think you should have that figured out BEFORE you start dating someone. Ugh.

    Anyway, the stress of that was quickly taken away when I got to work and spent the night trying to keep someone alive (as in..."am I going to be doing chest compressions tonight" alive), so that took my mind off of it.

    Another guy broke up with me on St. Patrick's Day in front of all my friends. He was perfectly nice, but what horrible timing!

    Okay, that turned into a rant. But sorry you had such a bad NYE and onto better things! And I just read this article in the New York Times that I really liked!

  6. Colleen4:06 PM

    So sorry! I feel for you! Total opposite problem on my end, the only thing that makes me feel better is ice cream!

  7. Ugh, the worst. Sorry to hear you are going through this, I hope more foods start to sound appealing.

  8. Thanks Stacey. I don't know why I do the food thing either, especially because in moments of moderate stress, I tend to eat more. But when it's a breakup or something, I can't eat at all. It's so, so weird.

    And I'm sorry to hear about your breakup in September. They're definitely the worst!

  9. Thanks for sharing the article Susan! That was a really good read.

    And I can't believe someone broke up with you in front of all your friends. Talk about awful, awful timing!

  10. OH man, Jess, so sorry to hear this happened to you. It is the WORST feeling, as so many of us know. I have the same issue as you -- no interest in food. It's literally the only time EVER that I lose my appetite. I am wishing you good vibes and much positivity for 2014. SO much happens in one year. This time next year, you won't even remember how bad it felt now. Hugs!

  11. I'm really sorry to hear about your heart ache. The timing really sucks too ! :-(

    I have the opposite problem, stress or sad/bad times seems to lead to excessive dessert consumption on my end.

  12. Victoria4:30 AM

    Aww Jess!! I'm so sorry, my brother was broken up on NYE...but I found that it was honestly for the best. Though it never feels that way of course. This has also happened to me, and I had a friend once come to my apartment and force fed me, it was sweet but really sad too. I also don't eat when I'm stressed or have big personal problems. It's normal, in these moments it's important to drink highly nutritious things if you can't eat, like Ensure etc. Making sure you don't get sick too. No situation is worth risking your my view anyway.

  13. i'm so sorry, jess!! if you need a wine night (good liquid amirite?!) let me know! <3

  14. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. But yes, whenever I'm extra upset I don't have any appetite (super sad or anxious usually) so that's not completely unheard of. I might not be to the extreme that you seem to be, but we're all different.

    Seriously though, that's sucky timing. I hope you feel better soon!

  15. I'm sorry. Unfortunately breakups are never convenient or at the "right" time...Been there a few times! That being said, take care of yourself. Spa day, girl's weekend, grief and let yourself feel everything then move on. Easier said than done but taking care of yourself and eating is a big step!

  16. Oh man, I'm so sorry, Jess, for the situation and the timing.

    With ya, and sending a huge hug.