Blister Woes

by - Monday, March 24, 2014

Thanks to everyone who suggested possible race ideas based on my last post. I have a quite a list of options going that I'm hoping to narrow down in the next few weeks!

Planning a race calendar is fun and definitely something I've been missing.

Unfortunately though, getting back to regular workouts has been slow.

Remember that giant blister I got at the Shamrock half? Well it pretty much burst open in the middle of last week and has expanded to even more of my toe. No matter what I do to cover it and protect it, it still bothers me.

I was hoping to go on a short run on Friday during my lunch break since the weather was so nice, but the minute I slid my foot into my running shoe, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I could feel the raw skin on my toes rubbing uncomfortably immediately.

On Saturday I thought I'd give my two hours of spinning a go since spin is generally a little bit more gentle on the body than running.

I managed to make it through the class just fine, but by Saturday evening the blister situation was pretty uncomfortable again.

Guess I will just try to keep it wrapped up for now and let it heal. Seems like forcing workouts is just making the situation worse.

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  1. If you are still looking for short race options, I am doing the Thundering Hooves 5k for Gentle Giants on April 19. It looks like a pretty course, although hilly.