Shamrock Half Decision

by - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Thursday friends! Who's excited for the weekend? I know I am.

I made a final decision that I'm going to go to Virginia Beach this weekend to see if I can run the Shamrock half marathon. My plantar fasciitis hasn't been bothering me much at all lately, so I'm sure I will at least be able to run part of the race without any problems.

Since I'm not well-trained, my game plan is to be pretty liberal with the number of walk breaks I take. And if anything starts to bother me while on the course, I will have no problem stopping and taking a DNF.

I'm looking forward to the trip because it's been a while since I've gotten out of DC. The last time was back over New Year's when I was home in PA and frankly that trip was not under the best of circumstances. Plus I'm looking forward to hanging out with Emily, Aila and Diana! It will be a fun girls weekend.

Me, Aila and Emily before MCM in 2012

I'm also looking forward to heading slightly south where the temperatures might be a little be warmer than what we have going on in DC today. After a gorgeous nearly 70 degree day yesterday, today we are plummeted back into the low 20s.

I'm over this winter stuff. I want to be able to pack up my sweaters and dig out my sundresses and flip flops.

Rehoboth 2013
Beach last summer with my brother

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  1. Marathons are so awesome! It's one of the few times people get off of facebook and get together IRL (in real life). Lol here I am on my computer...