Happy Opening Day!

by - Monday, March 31, 2014

I will never understand why today is not a national holiday. I mean baseball is America's past time after all.

But luckily, I have the day off work so I'm spending what looks to be a sunny and gorgeous day in Baltimore celebrating anyway.

I'm so glad to have baseball back in my life -- and since I can't spend opening day with the Phillies (they're in Texas after all), Baltimore seems like a solid back up option.

Opening day nails for tomorrow. Let's go #phillies.

Happy Opening Day! May all your teams win (unless your teams are the Rangers or anyone in the NL East...)

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  1. Let's Go Mets! We made it through the dark zone once again. exhale.

  2. Sarah7:58 AM

    LET'S GO BRAVES!! I'm so glad Opening Day is here :)