A Fun and Sport-Filled Weekend

by - Monday, May 05, 2014

DC was gifted with pretty much the perfect spring weather over the weekend, and I did my best to take advantage of every second of it and be outside as much as possible.

It started out Friday, when I spent the evening at Maryland to watch the Terps baseball game. It was seriously the perfect night for baseball. Warm with a little breeze and zero humidity.


Plus we got to watch the Terps beat Notre Dame in the last ACC series to ever be played on campus. (We're moving to the Big Ten next season).

Saturday, I woke up and headed downtown to fill in on my friend's flag football team. The rules in this league were way different than what I'm used to in my normal league, but I caught on quickly enough.

Unfortunately we ended up losing by one point, but overall still a good start to the day.

I hustled home after the game to meet my friend Adam for a bike ride.

Yes, you read that right. After close to two years, I finally dragged my bike off the trainer and took it outside for a ride.

I even broke out my bike shorts for the occasion, and I'm glad I did because the trail we were riding on had some major bumps that would have inflicted some serious pain on my butt without them.

Bike shorts...world's most unflattering workout gear

I met Adam midway through his ride and we probably covered about 10 miles together before I split off to head home. Not bad for my first time out in ages.

And I topped my fun and active outside weekend off with a 5K yesterday.

My friend Linh was the race director for the AFCEA Race for Excellence up in Columbia, and she happened to have an extra spot on her company's team.

Nope I was not taking a picture of those people, just of the start line

I was happy to take the bib off her hands and lace up my shoes for a race.

Me and Linh before the race

I also decided it would be fun to see how fast I could start and how long I could hold on to that pace. Normally I never advise this (and as you will see later it was dumb), but I figured it was a small race, I wasn't in it to win it and I wanted to see what would happen.

Turns out, what will happen on a hilly course if you're me and you drop a sub-8 first mile, is that you will crash and burn by mile 1.75. You will walk some to leg your legs recover, and then you will hate your life for the remainder of the race, especially up the 3/10 of a mile hill at the very end.

I ended up finishing in 28 and change, which was good enough for 4th place in the 21-29 age group. Hollla! Don't think I've ever finished that high in an age group. Three cheers for small races.

After the race, I came home, attempted to grade some papers for class, but immediately passed out on my sofa instead for a solid two hours.

I guess all the fresh air this weekend tuckered me out.

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  1. Wait, we're moving to the Big Ten next year?

  2. It really was perfect here this weekend! And I recognize that WDF shirt!! Congrats on your race.

  3. Wow that's a busy weekend filled with fun stuff! I haven't been able to get my bike on the roads yet. Good job.