My friend finished an Ironman this weekend; I played softball

by - Monday, May 19, 2014

One of my Ironman training partners from the gym completely crushed his very first Ironman in Texas this weekend. He finished the whole thing in 11:40 and put up a 4:02 marathon time, which is a whole lot faster than my fastest marathon time...and I didn't swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles before running it.

Shamelessly stolen from Facebook

Congrats Aziz! You rock dude! All those crazy, crazy workouts through the winter clearly paid off!

You know what I did this weekend?

I played a doubleheader in softball and followed that up with some flip cup at the bar afterward. (And to be completely clear, I don't drink beer because I think it's vile, but I have some bad influences on my softball team who convinced me I'd survive...)

Picture from last year because I forgot to take some this weekend

Needless to say, my athletic feats this weekend left a little something to be desired in comparison.

But I still wanted to get the low down on how the race went, so Aziz and I made my plans to hit the gym this morning for spin class. His idea...not mine.

Yes, that's right...he decided less than 48 hours after crossing the finish line in an Ironman he was going to go to the gym at 5:30 a.m. to spin and lift. Dude has problems.

When my alarm went off this morning, I was wondering why I agreed to such tomfoolery. I hit snooze, I turned off the alarm and contemplated curling back up under the covers.

But then I remembered a guy who had just finished an Ironman was going to spin class, so I guess my lazy butt could too.

And of course, I get there right as class is starting and he's already on the bike rocking a warm up, while I'm barely able to keep my eyes open.

I didn't love spin class today, probably because I was wishing I was out running instead (we had a gorgeous morning here), but I got to get the low down on the race and hear about the crazy swim, and the solid bike and run.

I'm always in awe of my friends who complete Ironman events and love hearing all their stories. It makes me really, really excited to spectate my first Ironman in September when another of my good friends is racing pretty much in my backyard. (Why do I have so many friends who do these things?)

Anyway, huge congrats to Aziz (who as I type this is legit still at the gym lifting weights) for totally killing it in his first Ironman and making me feel like a lazy bum!

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  1. Very kind words Jess. Anybody can do an IM IMHO. ;)

    Who are you kidding? I was worthless in spin today. Ed, the instructor, even called me out 2x! I was SO WEAK lifting too. Just trying to recover a bit.

    Don't be hard on yourself. I've seen your accomplishments, trained next to you, and you're a bad ass, and you should know it.

  2. "Just trying to recover a little bit"

    To most people that means taking some rest days (and you know actually letting yourself recovery haha). You are a crazy person.

  3. Congratulations Aziz! 11:40 is a spectacular time. I'm still trying to break 13 hours. But yes you need a full month to recover. avoid the spin classes for a while.

  4. You're right. I'll be taking 2 weeks where all I do is cross training (lifting weights/pushups/etc) and light swimming. I might even do some light spin just to keep the legs active. I have until 9/20 to be ready for IMMD! That's right, I signed up!