Going Streaking

by - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you read the title of this post and thought I was getting naked and running down a street somewhere, I'm very sorry to disappoint...I'm not going that kind of streaking.

I'm going on a running streak.

Runner's World is hosting its annual Memorial Day to July 4th running challenge. The goal is to run at least one mile per day every day between the two holidays.


If you succeed, you'll run for a total of 40 consecutive days.

I've signed up for Runner's World streak challenges before and haven't had the best luck. The last few times I ended up discovering I had stress fractures in my feet and had to drop out. This year, I'm hoping to be able to stay healthy for the entire length of the challenge.

Plus, it will be really good incentive to get me out and running on some of the humid and nasty DC summer days that are surely in my very near future. And even on my laziest days, I'll benefit from lacing up and running a mile.

Has anyone else singed up? Who's joining me?

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