Hanging Up the Cleats

by - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As of last weekend, my softball season has officially come to an end (well except for the team I manage, but don't actively play on...that tournament is over Labor Day weekend.)

But for all intents and purposes, my season is over.


My Maryland alumni team played so-so in the elimination round of our tournament on Saturday. We won our first game, but got knocked out in the next round by a Tufts team that was just crushing home runs.

It didn't help that we weren't hitting the ball well that game, and we made some mistakes in the field. Not the best way to end the season, but what can ya do?


Overall softball was probably some of the most fun I had this summer.

I'm sad to see the season go because it means summer is pretty much officially winding down. I can already tell the days are getting shorter because it's dark again when I wake up to run. Boooo.

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