Slow and Steady Five

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

After giving my tired legs an extra day of rest yesterday after Saturday's softball tournament, I got back to half marathon training this morning.

Have I mentioned here before how much I hate summer humidity? It was at 90 percent when I left the house. So even though the temperature was only about 70 degrees, it was still pretty nasty out.

But, I just took it nice and slow since my legs were still pretty shot from softball, and I managed to survive.

I didn't take Garmin so I don't have any time stats (which really in weather like this is probably for the best), but I managed to knock out all five miles.

I can very, very slowly feel some of my endurance starting to come back. I know five miles is a long way from 13.1, but I still have plenty of time to slowly but surely get my distance back.

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  1. Cool! No matter what else happened, it has to feel good to get back out there. Well done.