Basketball and Long Runs

by - Monday, March 23, 2015

Didn't mean to disappear for almost a whole week, but got caught up in training, work and of course, so much basketball.

Terps for life!!!!
Friday night Terps game watch

The Terps lost last night in heartbreaking fashion, and I'm not really going to re-hash things here this morning. Last night the emotions were kind of brutal. This morning it's a little bit easier to appreciate what a great season we had and how this team made watching Maryland basketball fun again.

But instead of being all sad face about Maryland (which let's not kid ourselves, I still totally am), let's talk about running!

This weekend was busy, so I had to squeeze my long run in super early in the morning Saturday. When my alarm blared at 6 a.m. and I looked out the window and saw it was still dark, I basically didn't want to move.

My goal was to be out the door by 7, so after doing the check email/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat routine, I got my rear in gear.

Had to dig out the cold gear from the back of my closet since it was only 33 degrees when I started.

Thought I was done with the cold gear for the year, but it was 33 degrees on my long run today. Where's spring?

I thought I was done with cold gear runs for the season. Sigh.

I had 8 miles on the schedule, which was the same as last week. Unfortunately I felt a lot more sluggish this time around. Not sure if it was the early morning, the cold or just in general training catching up with me, but I couldn't get moving in the first couple of miles.

Average pace was 9:27, which was a bit slower than the 9:22 average I was hoping to maintain. Oh well, not every run will be perfect.

With my run done, I scrambled through the rest of my morning routine to make it over to my cousin's house for her son's fourth birthday party. It was pirate themed and there were 24 four-year-olds running all around the house.

Happy 4th birthday to this little pirate!
Me and the birthday boy

Helping run activities and getting that many kids fed was seriously exhausting.

I collapsed on my sofa afterward to spend the afternoon watching basketball. After this weekend, my bracket is pretty shot to hell (thanks for that Villanova), but I'm still alive in my survivor pool.

Because the work bracket isn't for money...
This is my work bracket, it's not for money.

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  1. Take that, bracket! NC State busted up a lot of brackets, including mine and I'm a superfan. Go Pack!