Frederick Half Training Week Two

by - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday friends!

Last night I went over to College Park to watch the Lady Terps play in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The girls stomped Princeton and are moving on to the sweet 16!

Last time at Comcast for the season to watch the Lady Terps take on Princeton. #goTerps

I'm sure that made these Supreme Court Justices (and Princeton alums) sad.

Anyway, on to training talk.

Week two is in the books and I'm happy with where things are going. I didn't have any MBA classes last week since most of the class was on an international trip, and professors decided it wasn't worth it to hold class. The extra time in my schedule let me fit in some solid training and some extra fun.

Monday: 6x400. Wore my compression socks because my calves were really tight from my run the day before.

Calves still plenty tight from Sunday's long run, so tonight's intervals called for compression socks.

Repeat 1: 1:50.77
Repeat 2: 1:42.64
Repeat 3: 1:58.10
Repeat 4: 1:39.30
Repeat 5: 1:42.31
Repeat 6: 1:48.92

Target pace was 1:55. Nailed it on all of them except repeat 3.

Tuesday: Volleyball. My rec league team is pretty terrible, but we actually played a couple of competitive games Tuesday night. I will be ready for this sport to wrap up though and softball season to start.

Wednesday: Rest day. Got to have lunch with Dear Abby for work. It was pretty awesome. She asked me for some advice on things.

Had the opportunity to have lunch with the truly delightful dearabby today. Sometimes I'm sure I have the greatest job and coworkers ever.

Thursday: Was supposed to be a 6-mile tempo run, but it didn't happen because I set myself up for failure.

Wednesday night I met up with some friends for happy hour since I had some free time in my schedule. My plan was to grab a drink or two and call it an early night, but we were having a ton of fun, and I stayed way later than expected. Got home late, woke up early for work and fell asleep on my sofa at 5 p.m. I was pretty annoyed at myself for blowing it here.

Friday: Spin class. Had a blast, was a great workout and realized that I missed my spin buddies. I'm glad I'll be making this class a regular thing.

First day I feel up to working out since I got the plague last Tuesday. Fingers crossed I don't hack up a lung.

Saturday: 8 mile long run. I talked about it yesterday, so won't blabber on about it here.


Sunday: 1400 yards in the pool. Felt like I was going to sink to the bottom of the pool for the first 400 yards, but then things improved slightly, and I finished feeling pretty good.

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  1. Go Terps! Boo Duke!

  2. awww come on..self @ the gym-even if it was after class :p