Softball Season Wrap-Up

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

As of Monday night, I can officially hang my softball cleats up until next season.

After nearly 5 months of softball games and three consecutive weekends of tournaments and playoffs, it's time to hang up the cleats until next season.

My work league ended with a loss in the second round of the playoffs (by two to the only undefeated team in the league) and my alumni league wrapped up on Saturday.


Our Maryland team had a great run. We unfortunately lost in the semi-finals to Pitt in a game where we just played like crap all around. We couldn't hit, we couldn't field, it wasn't our usual brand of Maryland softball.

It was a bummer of a way to go out, but if we're looking on the bright side, it was the first time we'd made a run that deep in the tournament since 2009.

Part of me is really sad to see softball season go. I've had tournaments three straight weekends in August, and they're some of my favorite weekends of the year.

But another part of me is OK to slide into the off-season. My MBA classes started up again on Monday, and training for the Baltimore Half started this week too, so not having to work around softball schedules will probably be good for my sanity.

I know summer isn't officially over yet, but man with softball season wrapping up and classes getting underway, it sure feels like it is.

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