Softball Tournament Take 1

by - Thursday, August 06, 2015

August is softball tournament season around these parts. The first three weekends of the month, I have softball tournaments pretty much all day, every day.


The first tournament was last Saturday for my Senate league team. I've played on this team for five years now and have coached it the last two (or maybe three?) years with my friend Jon.

This year's tournament was fun, but in terms of playing to our potential, it didn't go well.


Our first game was at 9:30, and we beat the team we played pretty handily. It wasn't a blow out, but the other team never really threatened.

We had a three-hour break in between games, where we set up a nice tailgate, grilled some food, tried to not melt in the sun, etc.


Then we played our second game, where we managed to blow a 10-run lead to lose and get knocked out. Needless to say, no one was happy about that.

If we had won, we would have gotten a re-match against the team we lost to in the finals last year. Bleh, what a disappointment.

I'm actually pretty sad the Senate league season is officially over. This was my very first rec-league team I started playing on, and the team is full of some of my favorite people, that I pretty much only see during the season.

Tune Inn 2015

But tournament season in general is far from over. In fact, this weekend is the first weekend of my alumni league tournament, and I've been counting down the days til our first game all week! I have good feelings about my team making a good run!

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