Stroller Strides with Laura

by - Wednesday, September 02, 2015

My birthday fell on Friday this year, so I gifted myself a glorious four-day weekend, where I did a lot of treating myself: Manicure, pedicure, ice cream sundae for breakfast (no seriously), lots of pool time and some happy hours on rooftops.

Basically in denial that summer is almost over

(I also managed to squeeze in my long run Friday morning before the festivities really began).

It was a pretty great way to celebrate.


And on Monday, I spent the last day of my long weekend hanging out with my cousin Laura and her boys. We went to her Stroller Strides class, which for those not familiar is a workout class for moms whose kids are still stroller-aged.


The classes are held at parks not far from my cousin's house and are bootcamp style. So on Monday we started near the parking lot, ran with the strollers to another part of the park where we did push-ups and planks and tricep dips.

Then we ran with the strollers again over to a soccer field, where we did lots of sprints. The rest of the hour was spent doing a mix of running with the strollers and other body weight exercises.

It was about a million degrees outside and super humid, so by the time we were finished, I was one hot sweaty mess.

I was actually pretty impressed with how well most of the kids behaved during the class. Patrick and Cameron definitely cheered for us from the stroller sometimes. The instructor also helped entertain them all and gave them little toys to play with while we got our workout on.

After the class was over, we stayed at the playground, where I got more of a workout chasing them around and lifting them up on the monkey bars.

Best way to end birthday weekend!

We wrapped up the day with a picnic lunch.


It was a super fun day, and I also learned that running with a jogging stroller is no joke. Props to all you moms who do that on the regular!

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  1. Laura7:43 AM

    glad you enjoyed the class :-) it was so fun having you over to play. The boys loved it and kept asking for you after nap, "Jessssss? Jesssss?" haha

  2. I'm impressed that the kids did so well - it seems like you're rolling the dice getting all those kids together at once. Someone is bound to not be able to stand it!