My First Time Back in a Yoga Studio in Years

by - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, Megan asked me if I wanted to catch a yoga class with her. I haven't set a foot in a yoga studio in years. I mean years and years.

It's been well over a year since I've stepped foot in a yoga studio. I imagine the next hour will be very humbling.

I don't know why. I used to teach yoga. I know how awesome it can be both mentally and physically, but I guess I was just picking other workouts instead.

So last night, I knew my hour on the mat was probably going to be pretty humbling. A lot of my flexibility was gone. My tight runner legs were really evident from pretty much minute one. And all those planks and down dogs made my shoulders tremble.

But man it was a good class.

I left feeling so zen and calm. It was the probably the first time in months that I didn't feel little pinpricks of stress attacking my brain. I told Megan I had some serious "yoga brain" going on. And that calm and centered feeling lasted for hours.

Megan and I are probably going to make Monday night yoga our new thing now that neither of us are training for any long distance events. It will be nice way to start the week -- something a little less rigorous than my normal crazy routine.



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