PA Thanksgiving Workouts

by - Friday, November 27, 2015

I was doing so good on the blogging front a few weeks ago. Three posts in one week! Then I got sick and did nothing but sit on my sofa and blow my nose a bunch. That doesn't make for very exciting blog material.

Not pictured: The many kinds of OTC decongestants I've been using this week.

But I'm back, and I think I'm maybe finally over my sinus infection/head cold/plague.

I've been hanging out in PA all week for Thanksgiving, and it's been lovely. In addition to being nice and relaxing, I've also finally felt OK enough to do some workouts.

Let me tell you, after doing nothing but yoga for two weeks, your cardiovascular endurance will go to crap.

I went to swim with my mom on Wednesday morning and was fairly certain I was going to drown by the time we finished our workout. And we only did a 1,500 yards work set.

Then on Thanksgiving I did my own version of a turkey trot because apparently Allentown doesn't believe in holding an actual 5K on Thanksgiving morning (this irks me every year). It's perhaps for the best I wasn't racing though because OMG my lungs were on fire during my run.

I went slooooow, and I got a nice reminder of what happens when you don't run for two straight weeks. But the weather here has been amazing this year, so I almost didn't mind how slow I was going and how pathetic my endurance was.

I went for another run today, that largely turned into a healthy mix of walking and running just for an excuse to be outside and soak up the sunshine. I will take 63 degree weather at the end of November any day.

Especially when you compare it to the weather we had in PA last year at Thanksgiving:

Last year's Thanksgiving runs: snow. This year's Thanksgiving runs: 63 and sunny. 2015 FTW.

Snow in November is never cool.

So I think I'm finally healthy enough to get back on the workout wagon. I'm planning to swim with my mom again tomorrow morning, and maybe squeeze in another run on Sunday (though it's supposed to be a lot colder then). Here's hoping this was my one major sickness for the season, and I can power through the rest of cold and flu season unharmed.

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  1. Fred and Tina12:26 PM

    Glad you are back running and blogging. :)