Back in the Pool

by - Monday, August 07, 2017

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I've struggled this summer to find workouts that I can do that don't bother my hip. Running has been off the table for months, and biking/spinning isn't always super comfortable.

That mainly leaves me with swimming, which is hands down the most logistically challenging workout. It requires a decent amount of equipment and the ability to get to a pool during limited hours.


Plus it just destroys my hair.

That's not to say I don't enjoy swimming. I just don't enjoy the headache of trying to figure out how to make pool workouts fit in my schedule.

But after spending basically the entire month of July on vacation, I decided I needed to do something to feel less lazy, so I made an extra effort to get the a pool.

There's an outdoor pool not too far from my house. It has pretty limited hours, but because swimming outside on a nice summer day seemed fun, I made it work last Thursday.


I wasn't sure what kind of workout I'd tackle that day, but I eventually settled on something that was a mix of 100s with some 300s thrown in for good measure.

After not being in a pool for well over a year, I could tell I was slow even on the short sets, and by the last 100 yards of the 300s, I was definitely fatiguing.

Despite all that, I still managed a total of 1950 yards before the lifeguards started blowing their whistles like crazy, and everyone had to get out of the pool because a crazy thunderstorm was passing through.

Not being able to get in the last 50 yards to round things out a nice 2000 still irks me a bit. It's like doing a run and finishing with 4.8 miles instead of an even 5.

P.S. This is what I looked at after walking home through that storm.


Normally getting caught in a storm like that would kind of annoy me, but since I was already soaking wet from being in the pool, I was just kind of amused as I hopped majorly flooded areas.

I was hoping to do another swim workout tonight, but it's currently pouring here, and it doesn't look so promising that things will clear up later today, and the pool is closed tomorrow. See what I mean about logistical challenges...

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  1. Swimming is good exercise, hang in there Jess!