Hip Update: Week One of Medication

by - Thursday, August 03, 2017

So I've officially been taking this super strong anti-inflammatory for my hip for about eight days now. The doctor told me that it could take about a week for me to notice if it was having any sort of impact.

I'll be honest when I say I'm still not totally sure if it's helping or not.

Most times, I think it might be helping a little. I've seemed to notice a slight reduction in pain when I'm walking around. There's still definitely some pain when I do things like get out of my car or stand up from the sofa, but it doesn't seem to be as sharp or pronounced.

Those all seem to be good signs.

According to my doctor, I'm also allowed to try a run when I notice the pain isn't there anymore. I don't think I'm quite at that point yet, but maybe after another couple of doses, I'll be in a better spot to test that out.

His one rule is that I'm not allowed to push through any pain. So if I go and try to run and it hurts, I have to turn around and walk home.

So that's the latest on the hip front. Not a whole lot to say now. It's more just sitting around and waiting to see how this medicine does. Frustrating for sure.

In more fun news, this weekend I was in Dewey Beach because a bunch of my friends did Bike to the Beach. Bike to the Beach is a 106-mile bike ride from Washington, D.C. to Dewey Beach. The ride supports autism research.


My friends got super lucky with the weather for this time of year. The forecast had originally been calling for rain and storms all day, but they just ended up with a nice, cloudy day with temperatures in the 80s. Couldn't really ask for anything better in late July around these parts.

It was fun to be at the finish line to cheer for them after such a long ride, but I would by lying if I said it didn't also make me miss being able to train for endurance events.

Other than that tiny bit of jealousy cropping but at the finish, the long weekend in Dewey was a lot of fun. We rented boats on Sunday and cruised around the bay, and then spent Monday and Tuesday lounging on the beach and playing in the ocean.


The water temperature was perfect, and we had some pretty good waves too.

I'm pretty grateful that I had lots of fun beach trips in July to distract me from my stupid hip issues. Sadly it's back to reality in August. I don't have another fun vacation planned for a while.

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