by - Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh I'm am totally loving this weather. It's so much nicer than last week. I actually felt a bit chilly when I left my house this morning! Alleluia! Anyway today's run was a quickie. 30 minutes out and back. My legs were feeling a little sluggish in the beginning though, but I think it's just because it was early in the morning. Overall the run went well. My mom was out for a walk and we crossed paths toward the end of my run.

I threw in some lifting this morning too. I'm trying really hard to stick with three days of lifting each week. I used to be so good about it. I'd do it religiously without fail (and at one point I even used to like weight training more than cardio....yeah not sure what I was thinking there) But I've majorly slacked off any weight training at all and it's I've really started to notice lately.

So I sort of have two new training goals: One is to stick with the weight training three days a week and the other is to majorly clean up my eating habits. I've sort of let them slack off as summer went on. (come on it's summer who doesn't love the occasional...or rather cream?) But it's been killing my training. Ice cream doesn't really fuel the body that well. So I'm hoping to clean that up too. Stick with foods that actually give me energy to get through work outs. I might start keeping one of those food journal thingies because half the time I don't think I realize I'm eating all the crap that I do. I don't know we'll see.

But anyway I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how that goes. I somehow think the weight training goal is going to be much easier for me to stick with than the better eating (I'm a sucker for all things sweet).

In other fun news, I'm leaving for a long weekend at the beach tomorrow! WHOOOO HOOOO! I'm excited. But that also means I have to bump my long run up a day. Normally my long run day is Saturday, but I know myself well enough to know that there is absolutely no way I will get up early for a 14-mile run when I'm at the beach. It's just not going to happen.

So I'm going to go tomorrow before I leave. That way I get it in and it's all taken care of, and the only run I'll absolutely have to do at the beach is a much more vacation-friendly 3.5 miles.

I'm a little nervous about the 14 mile beast tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to get up way early because I have a doc. appointment at 10:15 before I leave and I'll need to finish the run before that. So yea....5:00 in the morning wake up call....I'm sure that will be really enjoyable.

I'm going to be sure I stock up on PowerBars and Gatorade before I head to work today so that everything is all set and for tomorrow. (Yea I'm one of those people who lays out their clothes the night before their long runs so that I don't have to think about anything first thing in the morning)

Big note to self: Charge iPod. I keep forgetting and I haven't been able to run with it the past two days as a result. There's no way I'm getting through 14 miles without some tunes.

Anyway, that's all my ramblings for now. I have a feeling this day at work is going to be never-ending because I'm so excited for the beach tomorrow. Yay for the sun and the sand and the ocean!!!

I'll be sure to update on the 14-miler sometime when I get back!

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  1. Good luck with the 14 miler, that will be me next weekend!

  2. Way to go! Good luck on your long miler!

  3. have fun at the beach! your iPod note reminds me to charge mine as well, for my 9 miler!