by - Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well today's run was slightly better than yesterdays, but it was still painful and I still had some wicked pain. And I had strecthed for 30 minutes last night before I went to bed.

But I think I may have found the source of my problem. I really noticed the jarring today when I was running. And I think it's time to get some new shoes. I'm pretty sure the padding in mine is shot. I've been running in the same shoes since....the beginning of April. So that means I've run with them through all of April, May, June, July and about half of August. So it might be time to retire them and get a new pair.

I'm actually a little bit excited about this because I love the local running store. They analyze your old shoes for the way you pronate and based on that pick out other shoes for you and then they let you put them on and test them outside. So I'll probably try to hit that up tomorrow after work. I've got to go soon because I'm leaving to head back to school on Tuesday (oh so excited for that!)

After my annoyingly painful 30 minute run this morning, I squeezed in a quick strength workout. So that's two down for the week with only one more to go. I'll probably do it Saturday after my run.

Eating better foods has been going pretty well too so far. Granted today is only day three of this lol.

Anyway here's yesterdays list food:
Breakfast: bowl of Special K
Lunch: Hummus with pita from the restaurant by work
Snack: Three finger licks of choc. pudding from a co-worker (no lie she gave me some and I ate three licks off my finger lol...ohh the manners)
Dinner: Chicken in BBQ sauce with sauteed summer veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, and zuccini....delicious)

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  1. Shoe shopping is fun. I need new shoes too. I have been kicking and screaming from getting a new pair.

  2. Enjoy looking for shoes! Running shoes are my favorite to shop for!

  3. ah yes our Fleet Feet store is like that, i just love going in there.

    great job on the food list !