by - Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh man Maryland's humidity is oppressive. I didn't think it would be that much worse than at home, but oh man it was unreal this morning. And stupid me didn't take a bottle of water to run with (I have good reasons: At home I never needed to carry water when I was only going six miles, and I just hate carry anything in my hands when I run.)

So to say the least, today's run was not all that enjoyable.

It's also weird to be running in a different area than I have been for the past three months. The hills are in all different places and it's playing goofy games with my head. Like at home, I would mentally know a hill was coming and could attempt to prep myself for it. Here I don't see the hills til I'm at the bottom of them....which doesn't leave much time for mental preparation.

All in all though, I guess it's good to mix it up. It's not like I'm going to know the race course. I mean I can look at the map and read the elevations, but it's not the same as getting out and running the course or at least parts of it before the race. And I'm just not going to have to a chance to do that. So perhaps running without the mental prep during some of my training will overall be a good thing for the marathon.

Fun new apartment side note: I cooked dinner for six people last night! Tilapia (it's a kind of fish) with steamed broccli and a friend brought a salad. And I didn't poison one of them or burn down the house and I actually got compliments on the food. Sweet! (For the record, that dinner was only the third time I'd cooked ever....heating leftovers/TV dinners in the microwave totally doesn't count.) So I'm actually starting to like cooking, which I thought would be the most annoying chore that goes along with moving into an apartment.

My last roommate moves in tonight! I'm so excited!!!!

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  1. Try to get one of those water system where you can carry them on your waist. Good job on getting the miles away.