Late Night Run

by - Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time: 33:33
Distance: 3.1

Well I didn't get to lifting class today, but I'm not too upset because I got a solid run in. I didn't really seem to have any problems with my calf while I was out there, but it's a little tight now, even though I stretched. So I'm glad that I have yoga tomorrow to help stretch it out some more.

My original plan was to go for a long slow run, but by the time I got out it was starting to get a little bit dark out and I didn't want to be out too late because College Park is skkkkkettttchy at night. So I decided on a short and fast run. (Or at least faster for me).

I didn't keep a super close eye on my splits, but I felt like I was giving a pretty consistent effort throughout the run. One of the hills was a little bit killer, but other than that it seemed to go well.

I'm thinking about running the National Half Marathon in March, but you have to qualify for it because they can only take a certain number of people because it's kind of hard to shut down the country's capitol city for a long time. In order to qualify you need to run a 5K in under 31 minutes. (Or a half-marathon in under 2:30, but I probably won't be running anymore long races like that between now and then.) So I really want to shave my 5K time so that I can qualify.

I'm most likely running a 5K this coming Sunday to get an idea of how I do in a race setting and then I think I'm going to register and train for Komen Race for a Cure in October to see if I can get the time I want then, and possibly qualify for National.

Oh and I'm definitely going to need new shoes soon. I can tell the padding in mine is pretty much shot. But I've never bought running sneakers in Maryland. So I'm panicking a little bit because I don't know where any specialty running stores are. I'm so used to my one at home. Uh-oh.

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  1. Great job on the run! I am also doing a Komen race in October!

  2. Good job on the run -- probably a good idea to keep it short when it's getting dark out.

  3. YOu can most definitely do a 5k under 31 minutes!! ;D ;D

  4. Great job on the run!!

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    if your shoes are ok, why not just buy them online?

    since you graduate earlier, you could also try for a full marathon in the spring

    i'm sure you can do a 5k in under 31. race day magic/adrenaline works wonders, right?


  6. Sub-31 is an excellent goal. You can do it. I found my shoes (but didn't buy them) on some bargain basement store on the internet. The stocked a lot of last years models for really cheap. Give it a try.

  7. Late night runs are the best, aren't they? Just watch out for the weirdos...

    I think you'll easily be able to shave enough time to qualify, based on your time in that training run.