Thinking things are feeling better

by - Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm thinking the calf is about back to normal again. I've been bumming because I haven't been able to work out since Monday. I'm giving myself today as my final rest day to make sure everything is good and then I'm hoping to get to lifting class tomorrow evening. I'm going to the bar though in the afternoon for football with my roomie and some friends, so it will just depend if we get back in time.

If not I'll be back on board on Monday.

Also apologies for not reading and leaving notes as much this week, I had a lot going on with classes and work, so I'm trying to catch up today.

I've also realized that there is only one week left in September and I promised myself I'd really get on with the job hunt starting in October and that is really soon, which makes me a little panicky and nervous.

Notre Dame's playing MSU now and the score is 17-7 MSU. Justin's probably happy...he's at the game. My Irish need to step it up.

Terps football on the road at Wake Forest today. Not on TV though.

And Terps soccer at Duke. We were supposed to go down but Dept. of Transportation didn't give us a bus and it's Yom Kippur so a lot of my friends who are Jewish obviously wouldn't have been able to go anyway. We need a win tonight so that we don't fall to 0-2 in the ACC.

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  1. YAY on the calf being better ;D ;D Good luck with your lifting class!

  2. Best wishes for the job hunt!

    And YAY for calf feeling better.

  3. glad your calf is feeling better. and sorry, but i'm also glad your irish aren't doing better. ;) i know, i know, it's easy to bash a team when they're down...

  4. I am glad your calf is feeling better!! That is great news!

  5. Good thing the calf is improving! That's excellent news.