Still no pictures :o(

by - Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sorry all still no pictures....this thing called class has been keeping me busy. And well last night was soccer Friday. Today's football Saturday and tomorrow's football Sunday. Haha. I promise pictures will happen eventually.

As for today....Notre Dame plays PSU....what a huge game...but if ND can't get their act together it ain't gonna be pretty.

My Terps play FIU. GO TERPS!

Tomorrow.....Eagles vs. Packers...

and then more Terps soccer vs. GMU. (Photo courtesy of The Diamondback)

I currently have no voice. But this time it's not because I'm sick. It's because I was busy screaming my head off at the soccer game last night. We lost in over time....stupid Golden was zero zero the whole game and then literally two minutes into over time....WVU put the ball in the net...curses!!!!

Anyway.....I love sports, I'm so stoked the seasons are up and running! Whoooo!

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  1. I had to give my best friend - a ND alum - a lot of crap about their loss. I am more so shocked about Michigan not doing so well again too.

    I hope your voice comes back soon.

  2. Have fun watching all the games!

  3. Sigh. If only I cared about the games.

    Where's the RACE PICTURES?!?!?!?