So Many Things...

by - Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok so here we go....

Last night I taught yoga and because it's supposed to be a power yoga class I threw in a lot more planks than I did last week. My shoulders weren't so happy with me afterwards, but whatever, they'll get over it.

Then I stuck around to take Gliding. Because I can't accurately explain it...check out here for more info on what exactly it is. But man it kicked my butt. Who would have thought sliding around on the floor on frisbee-shaped discs could be such a workout.

This morning I told my friend Virginia I would take her Athletic Conditioning class this evening. Basically this class is exactly what it sounds like. You do lots of sprints and suicides and agility stuff and then do a bit of circuit work for strength. It's pretty intense. And I figured the agility work would be good for helping me increase my speed a bit.

Afterwards I stuck around for Muscle Works because I wanted to get back into the strength training mode. So all in all I'm pretty pleased with my workouts today.

As far as the new shoes go, I found a really reputable running store that just opened up another branch about 20 minutes from me, which is awesome because otherwise I would have been driving into Virginia. I think I'm going to try to stop by tomorrow morning and then maybe get in a run later. I'm not sure about the run though because I have about 500 other things I need to do tomorrow, including but not limited too, scheduling interviews for my internship, working on a project for one of my classes, putting together my resume and cover letter and writing samples and dropping books off at the library. It's going to be a crazy busy day.

And if all that's not enough, I'm planning a road trip for this Saturday to Wake Forest to watch the Maryland vs. Wake soccer game. Now in case you're all wondering, Wake Forest is about 5.5-6 hours from here. And yes we will be driving there and back in one day....for a three hour sporting event. Crazy? Perhaps, but hell this is college..and if my friends and I don't all kill each other by the end of the day, we'll come out with some hilarious stories.

So I am super pumped for that. I love Terps soccer like I can't even explain!

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  1. WHEW, I bet the gliding is tough. One of those things that really works your core?

  2. Geez, you must be in solid shape teaching and participating in all those classes!

    BTW, I love plank. I can hold it for forever if need be.

  3. Wo! Driving six hours for a soccer match is hard core. My kinda girl :-)

  4. Gliding looks soooo cool!! Sign me up!!

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    You are a busy girl! That's great that you're getting in all those classes. You're going to be in great shape - going to be? You already are if you can keep up with all that!

    Enjoy the college life. :)