I hate when people don't call back

by - Monday, February 04, 2008

Especially when it's for a really important story I'm working on! AHHH!

Okay and weekend recap begins now:

Friday night I ended up using the rowing machine for a half hour. I wasn't really 100 percent sure how the settings worked or anything, so I probably would have gotten a more intense workout had I figured that out. Oh well, my shoulders were still fairly sore and it was good to do something for my upper body for once.

Saturday was a schedule four-miler. I did 4.1 miles in 46:54. I was happy with that because I just told myself to take it slow and steady. It had been a long time since I had run outside and I didn't want to get shin splints and I wanted to be able to finish. So I had expected to run a little bit slower than 12 minute miles. In reality I ran a little bit slower than 11:30 minute miles. I was pretty pumped about that.

Sunday was a rest day, which meant being a lazy bum and eating lots of delicious but oh so bad for me Super Bowl foods. I was so full this morning I couldn't even eat my normal breakfast before work haha!

Tonight is a scheduled run. I'm making it my challenging run of the week because I have to do my long run on Thursday because this weekend I will be in Virginia for a fitness conference. Craziness!

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  1. Sometimes you run faster when you aren't "worried" about it! Nice run, chica! I hope you have fun at your conference!!

  2. Nice job this weekend.

  3. Nice job on your run saturday! A fitness conference? Sounds fun... will you get any free treats?

  4. Nice job on your four miler!

  5. fitness conference? that should be fun..

    Nice work on the 4 miler.

  6. I think you had a great weekend! Keep at it!

  7. Nice job on the run!! Have fun at the conference.

    Go Heels on Wednesday!! Beat those Duke a-holes!!