Love/hate spinning

by - Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yesterday was a cross-training day, which means I normally wander around the cardio equipment until I decide what I want to do. But yesterday the stars aligned to get me into my first spin class in ages. Class starts at 6:45 p.m. and by that time I'm usually at the end of my work out, but yesterday I got out of work late and made it to the gym just in time to sign up for the class.

I figured what the hell? I hate cycling, but it's something different and it will keep me entertained. True to my normal self about 20 minutes into the class I was thinking, "Ugh, why did I decide to take this. I know I don't like spinning."

I spent the next 10 minutes looking at the clock counting down until class was over.

But then some time around the half way mark something clicked....was I actually starting to enjoy spinning? No, couldn't be. Must be those crazy endorphines on over drive. 15 minutes left in the class and I'm feeling good. Dripping in sweat, but feeling really great.

She gives us this killer interval to do and all of a sudden I'm in racing mood in my head talking myself through it. Class ends and I want to keep going (okay well, I was tired, so maybe not still going for too much longer).

WTF happened peeps? I suddenly almost want to go back to spinning class. The seat didn't even hurt my butt that much.

Strange indeed, but if the stars align again (it's a cross-training day, I'm tied up at work again, make it to the gym in time for the class) I may just spin again. Crazy I know.

Monday was my push it run. I was able to crank the speed up to 8:30 minute miles. I only held that for three minutes though. I set up the run like a mountain. Three minutes at 5 mph. 3 at 5.5 mph. 3 at 6 mph. 3 at 6.5 mph. 3 at 7 mph. 3 at 6.5 10 at 6.o mph 5 at 5.5.

The ending was a little strange because my legs were tired, but I wanted to try to stay about 5.5 for as long as possible. I think I ended up averaging about 10 minute miles. Not to shabby.

Today is my scheduled easy run because I had to move my long run up to Thursday. So just want to keep the legs loose tonight.

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  1. You just went nuts didn't ya? Both on the spinning and the run! Way to rock it! :-)

  2. You're like a machine -- spinning and cranking out a hard run! Sheesh, you're makin the rest of us look bad!

  3. Dannnnngggg Jess is right, you're def making me look bad LOL

  4. phew!! Great job! I am hoping to join a gym and try spinning soon!