Rest day yay!

by - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank gosh it's a rest day. Ok well it was an optional rest day/cross train and I'm choosing rest day because I am exhausted. I have been out far too late the past few nights and it's finally catching up with me.

I need a solid night's sleep tonight to help me get back to some semblance of a normal sleep schedule.

I got in a run outside yesterday. It was glorious to be outside, but my legs felt extremely heavy. I had a sports massage Saturday afternoon to work out the kinks that have been building up lately and whooo boy I was sore afterwards. I think that was some of the reason my legs were so sluggish.

But I still ran 3.39 miles in 35:19. I don't have splits, but that's an average time of 10:15. Not too shabby for my legs feeling so gassed.

Man I miss being in college. On a day like today I would just sleep all day.

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  1. LOL! Yea, the real world will teach us a few things too! Like no rest for the weary!!!

    Great job on the run!!!!

  2. We all miss college, and I've been out for much longer than you. LOL!!!

    Great job on the run!!

    I'm a huge Wake Forest fan right now!! ;-)

  3. Good job on the run! Get some rest today. I know how you feel :)

  4. Are you sure it was a "sports" massage? :P LOL JK!

  5. Enjoy your rest day! :)

  6. Nice job on your run!

  7. Nice job!! I hope you had a nice rest!

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I miss college a lot too! It seemed so busy, yet compared to 'after college' life, it was a lot more interesting, fun and relaxing!

  9. College was the bestest.

    It's funny because since I teach college, I'm around college students all the time, who are always so tired and so stressed, and I don't want to burst their bubble and tell them how much more tired and how much more stress they'll have later.