Pics as promised

by - Monday, October 20, 2008

Here are a handful of pictures from my cousin's wedding, this weekend's 5K and me in a Redskin's jersey because that was the deal if the Redskin's beat the Eagles.

 Me with my cousin (on the left) and the other flower girl.

Sarah and her parents walking down the aisle.

Sarah and my cousin Tony exchanging vows.

Lighting the unity candle.

My cousins Pat (on left) and Nate walking out with the maid of honor.

Kissing outside the church.

Going for the garter.

Stuffing cake in each other's faces.

Busting a move with Sarah and one of her bridesmaids.

The girls that ran the 5K with me. (L to R: Randyl, Laurie, Emily, me, Amy, Sam)

Me and Sam after the race.

Me showing my true feelings for the Redskins while Brad shows is true feelings for Philly fans.

Matt thumbs upping the Skins while I give them a big old thumbs down. (Just ignore Brad flipping me off again.)

Brad does the Heisman while I hate on the Skins.
My thumbs down is being overruled.

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  1. Looks like good times!!

  2. aww i love weddings! Is that a redskins jersey i see you in?!?! YAY!!!!

  3. Great pics! Looks like you had a good time in all.

  4. Looks like you had so much fun!!! This weekend is a huge one...the MCM and Maryland Homecoming!!! GO TERPS!!!

  5. Love your dress!

  6. OOoooo looks like such a fun time chica! ;D ;D

  7. Looks like it was a fun weekend!

  8. I don't know...I think you looked very natural in a Skins you should do that all the time.

  9. Looks like good times all around!

  10. great pics!!! so fun :)

  11. Looks like a really fun weekend. My weekend wedding festivities did not include running! I'm glad I got one run in the day before.

  12. Very nice.. Btw our Falcons (with their rookie QB) are playing the Eagles this weekend!

  13. HAHAHAHHA I love the pic of you guys in your jerseys!