A speedy six and a spin

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This week at work has kicked my butt. I have been drop dead tired every morning when I've woken up and every night when I get home I've wanted to collapse into my bed. Last night I fell asleep around 9 p.m. And it's only Wednesday.

But last night I also managed to get in a speedy (by my standards) six miler. I'm not sure where I found the energy. I literally dragged myself out the office collapsed in my car and thought I was going to fall asleep on my two minute drive home.

But the crisp fall air must have invigorated me because I got home threw on a long sleeve tech top and some shorts grabbed my iPod and was out the door. I clocked the six miles in 1:02.10. I felt great the entire time. My left knee hurt for a second in mile five, but went after that.

When I got back home though, my right knee was acting up a little bit. Nothing too serious, but it caught my attention.

I slept a lot better last night and I have to credit that to taking the melatonin. I had stopped for a while because I wasn't having any problems and I don't like taking stuff if I don't need to. But man it makes all the difference in the quality of sleep I get. I'm 99 percent sure I'll be taking it again tonight. (I mentioned the melatonin in a post a while ago, but just a reminder, it's not a sleeping pill, it's a supplement my doc. recommended that helps your body sync to circadian rhythm.)

Anyway, after an awesome night sleep, I woke up this morning to meet Michele at the gym for spin class at 5:45. Except Michele wasn't there when I got there. Turns out she had way overslept. No biggie though. I didn't stay for the whole class because I had to bounce out to get home to shower and get ready for work, but I did about 45 minutes and felt pretty good. My legs weren't too tired from last night's run.

However, when I got home my right knee was acting up. It buckled three times when I was walking around the house getting ready for work. Not cool.

I'm skipping my soccer game again this week because I don't want to aggravate the knee. Instead I'm going to ice it down and watch my Phils in the World Series.

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  1. HI Jess

    Great pics! You got a little speedy didn't you and the knee decided to slow you down for a bit...

    I am sure you will be back at it in no time and probably a good idea to take a little break.

    Best of luck with everything.

  2. Hehe 9pm is my normal bedtime. I'm such a grandma.

    Girl, be careful with your knee! Buckling is not a good sign. Take care of yourself, k?

  3. Man I've so gotta get some Melatonin. I've heard good things about it . . .I should prob do it ;-)

  4. I always get to bed by 9pm. What time were you going to be before?

  5. That is a super speedy 6 miles!! Nice job!

  6. Nice job on both!

  7. Your workouts have been awesome!!! Keep it up!!! I hope you have so much fun in Maryland this weekend for Homecoming!!!!

  8. I dream of 2 minute commutes :-) That is a great six miler!! I know you are very in tune with your body. You know the difference between pain pain and dull aches!!

  9. a 2 minute commute? you should do it by bike, it's fun and easy on the knees. You also might want to google "knee sleeves", they can really help out with the buckling after a fast run. That's a great time on the 6 miler, i'm soooo jealous!