Why F.L. rocks my socks

by - Monday, October 13, 2008

Read this. It pretty much sums up how I feel about life. I know I wrote something similar a while back (but I don't feel like finding it in the archives) but man Frayed Laces really got it right.

Sometimes it's exactly the way I feel. (Don't worry non-running friends who read this, I don't love you any less...sometimes I just need my running to be a priority.)


Anyway, this weekend pretty much was awesome. My cousin's wedding was beautiful. (I have pictures to post later). The weather was amazing and Sarah (my cousin's new wife) looked gorgeous in her dress.

My sports massage on Friday was great, but definitely painful. I still have some bruises, but it's way better today than it was Saturday. My IT Bands are still really tender because she worked them out well.

Unfortunately because the massage was so good, I was too sore to run this weekend. I danced plenty at the reception though, so that definitely counts for something.

Yesterday, I was down in Maryland to hang out with some friends and watch football. The highlight of my day was watching the Redskins and Cowboys lose and the Eagles win. All I need for a truly awesome football weekend is for the Giants to lose too (but if Toomer could score like five touchdowns and the Giants still lose that'd be great for my fantasy team haha!)

I'm hitting spin class tonight with Michele.

My 5K is this Sunday. I'm nervous but excited to get back to racing. I've assured some people (well really only one person who's worried I might re-injure myself) that I won't race this race, that I'll just run it for fun. But last night my competitive edge got the best of me and I looked up my Shave Your 5K stubble time and now I really want to beat that.

We'll see what this week holds as far as training and I'll probably make a game day decision about how I'm going to run the race.

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  1. i loved her post too!!

    sounds like ANOTHER great weekend :)

  2. After that brutal sports massage, make sure you taper well :-) You can DO it!!! 5K here you come!!!

  3. Go get em Jess!! You CAN DO IT! Oy, which reminds me . . .I am SO behind on the Shave Your 5K *sigh*

  4. Good stuff!!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!!! I hope your 5K went great!!!

  5. Go get em'! I am sure that you will have a great race. Just go with how you feel.

  6. Thanks for sharing that post. So true, so true.

    You are so totally going to beat that 5K this weekend!

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words Jess! Us 20-something running chickas gotta stand up and defend ourselves!

  8. I am so excited to try to beat my 5K time! Glad you had a great time!

  9. Good luck this weekend!! I'm sure you will do great! : )

  10. A bruisey massage? Sweet!

  11. Enjoy the race - you can have fun AND beat your 5K at the same time. :) Just listen to your body to make sure the second part won't put you back again.