BlogHer Day Two Recap

by - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I believe I left off yesterday just before the BlogHer 5K. I was so excited BlogHer was sponsoring a fun run, it was a great way to connect with people in a way less formal manner.

I made plans to meet up with some of my favorite bloggers bright and early in the hotel lobby.

BlogHer 5K

BlogHer Broadway 5K

We opted to do the Broadway route which took us through parts of midtown Manhattan and finished after a quick tour through Times Square.

BlogHer 5K
Jess, me, Jenn and Jill

BlogHer 5K Times Square
Our group in Times Square

It was Jill's very first time running a 5K and she totally rocked it. Jess did a great job of keeping us moving at a good pace. According to Garmin our finishing time was 28:40. Congrats on a great first race Jill!

After grabbing a quick breakfast and shower, it was time for more learning! My favorite session of the day was all about using images to tell a story in your blog posts. I'm more of a words person, but I took a lot away from that session and I definitely plan on trying to work more photos into my posts.

If you're curious about any of the sessions, I definitely recommend checking out the live blogs on BlogHer.

During the breaks through out the day, I took time to explore the expo hall. There were tons and tons of vendors, and it's probably no surprise that my favorites were the ones offering food samples.


Why hellllo Pillsbury. Thanks for letting me ice my own cupcake!

BlogHer Expo
Ashley, me and Gympressions

After a day of learning and exploring, it was time to put on my party dress


and meet up with some friends at the BlogHer gala.


We had a blast hanging out and chatting.

BlogHer Gala


But in the end, I called it an early night because I had 10 miles to run in the morning.

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