Yahoo Shine Interview

by - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When I was at the BlogHer conference at the beginning of this month, I had the chance to sit down with the Yahoo! Shine team to film a short segment about how I "reinvented" myself through blogging. I mainly just talked about my marathon and how the blog has grown from there.

The video is now live and I thought I'd share it here, since I talk about how awesome the running community is...a lot.

Please don't laugh too hard.

I'm proud of myself for only saying "um" a few times toward the very end. For being totally on the spot, I thought I did an OK job, but you can definitely tell how nervous I was.

I also think I sound ridiculous, but it's never really easy listening to your own voice.

In running news...

My intervals this morning were tough. The schedule called for 9x400 and by the last three, I was ready to quit. Despite how tough they felt I managed to hit all my intervals right around 1:57. I'll take it.

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