Capping off a Perfect July

by - Monday, August 02, 2010

Sometimes we just have those wonderful runs that remind us why we drag ourselves out of bed insanely early on the weekends.

Saturday was that kind of run for me. My nine miles couldn't have really gone better for a mid-summer run.


1: 9:53
2: 9:24
3: 9:12
4: 10:24
5: 9:41
6: 9:19
7: 10:18
8: 9:42
9: 9:45

I had a few slower splits on some of the hills, but otherwise I was fairly consistent.

The temperatures were decent, my route had tons of shade and while there were definitely hills, I conquered them.

It was my first run in the BF's new neighborhood, and it many ways, it reminded me of running at home in PA. The run was through a lot of neighborhoods, there weren't many traffic lights I had to stop at, and the roads all felt safe.

There were also tons and tons of other runners outside. As I was running past a park, I passed a huge group of people in Team in Training shirts. I would imagine they're starting their preparations for the Baltimore Marathon in October.

The run was great, and it also capped off a perfect July for me. I didn't miss a single training run the entire month, which is awesome. I definitely feel like I'm running the best I've run in a long time.

July Totals:
Number of runs: 18
Total miles: 73.29
Total time running: 11:45:50
Average speed: 6.2 mph

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