New York Blogger Meet Up

by - Thursday, August 05, 2010

Good morning blog land! I'm in New York getting ready for day one of my conference. I'm so excited to be here and I'm having a blast already.

My coworker and I got in to town bright and early yesterday morning for some meetings in the city.

I'll be counting hoofing it all around town with my five million pound laptop bag as my cross training for the day. Seriously, I got quite the workout.

After my meetings though I was happy to collapse into my fabulous hotel bed. Seriously, hotels rock, especially the one I'm staying in for this conference. Soooooo comfy. And the's huge. And has a rockin' shower head. Ok...and that's about enough gushing about the hotel room.

After recharging my batteries with some Shark Week, I headed out to meet some of the NYC bloggers and Caitlin from Healthy TIpping Point. She was in town for her interview with the Today Show, promoting Operation Beautiful, and we all decided to get together for a quick bite to eat in the city.

I was so nervous because I didn't "know" a single person there.

But in the end it was a blast.

Everyone was so friendly. We chatted, we ate, we took pictures.

(Thanks to Caitlin for the picture)

Today's conference is all about business best practices with social media, case studies and finding out what works to reach an audience. Pretty much it's my perfect conference.

And for now I'm off to meet some fantastic ladies (and gents) and learn all about my field.

Happy Thursday!

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