The Training Plan Shuffle

by - Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I mentioned yesterday that July was a perfect month of training. I hit every single run and I didn't have to adjust my schedule once.

I'm not going to be so lucky with August.

I should still be able to hit all my targeted runs, but August will be the month of the training plan shuffle.

I'm heading up to NYC tomorrow for the BlogHer conference, a giant conference all about blogging. Work's sending me so I can learn lots of new things to bring back and help improve our organization's blog. I'm really, really looking forward to the conference and all the things I'm going to learn and all the people I'm going to meet.

But, it's definitely making me get creative with my training plan.

To adjust, I shuffled my mid-week runs to the beginning of this week to make sure I got them finished while I was still home. Lucky for me it happens to be a cutback week and I'm only schedule to run twice during the week with an extra day of cross training.

What I'm really worried about is this week's long run. It's my first run in double digits this training cycle and I'm nervous about doing it in a new place on an unfamiliar route. I'll be in NYC until Sunday, so it's got to happen there.

My plan to ensure the run happens:

1. I've mapped a course on Mapmyrun. It's a simple out and back on a gorgeous running path in the city that's heavily used, so I feel like I'd be safe there. It's not in Central Park. I watch too much Law and Order for that.

2. I've checked and double checked to make sure I have all my running things packed: Garmin, Gu, water bottle, sneakers, iPod, socks, shorts, sports bra, etc.

3. I'll have Garmie so if I get lost, I can use the navigation function to get back to my hotel. But it's an out and back, all I need to do is turn around. I won't get lost.

4. If I wake up and get out the door by 6 a.m., I'll have time to finish the run and shower and not miss a minute of the conference. And that's with buffer time in case I go really, really slowly.

I've done just about everything I can to prepare myself for this run, and I'm not sure why I'm so freaked out. I blame it on the double digits. If this was just a routine seven miler, I'd probably be much less concerned.

I've been working on pumping myself up for this one all week. I feel confident that I'll get it done, but I'm a little bit nervous that at the last minute I'll punk out!

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