Fitbloggin' Recap Part One

by - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fitbloggin' was amazing from beginning to end. From the people I met and the new friends I made, to the things I learned and the things Katy and I hopefully taught others, it was a great conference.

My favorite thing about this year's Fitbloggin' was that Roni expanded it to two days. Friday was very fitness centric and Saturday was very much blog centric.


I opted to not stay at a hotel in Baltimore because I figured driving back and forth from D.C. wouldn't be that bad, and would save me some cash. Wrong. I will not make this mistake again next year.

I had to wake up so insanely early on Friday to beat rush hour and get to Baltimore in time for the 5K.

It was totally worth it though.

FitBloggin Day 2 Final-3
Official Fitbloggin' photo

Running along the harbor early in the morning was gorgeous. Made me a little bit jealous that Chris gets to run there every day.

Early morning view of the harbor
Early morning view of the harbor

Running on the docks
Running past boats on the docks

Everyone was laughing and having fun and I eventually fell in with a small group of people going my pace: Luke, Jenny and Heidi.

The course was an out and back, but only Jenny was familiar with the area. If it weren't for her we totally would have gotten lost.

Jenny and Heidi
Jenny and Heidi running on the docks

My head and the water
What I got to look at while running

Jenny leading the way
Jenny leading the way

Jenny and I after the 5K
Me and Jenny at the end of the 5K

We made our way back to the hotel, grabbed some breakfast and got ready for a day full of fitness sessions.

The first session I attended was all about kettlebells.

Photo courtesy of Jenny

It was fun watching the ladies demonstrate all the things you can do with kettlebells. The presenters looked so strong. It was a nice reminder that I need to get back on the strength training wagon.

I followed kettlebells up with a trampoline fitness class. Turns out jumping on a trampoline for a really long time will make your legs very tired and your calves really tight, especially if you've already run a 5K.

FitBloggin Day 2 Final-82
Me and Heidi (on the right, grey shirt, pink shorts) playing on trampolines. Official Fitbloggin' photo.

After lunch there were some great sessions on building community and working with brands, and the evening wrapped up with the Fitbloggin' social.

Heidi and I at the social
Heidi and I sipping Grey Goose Cosmos in our workout clothes. We were the most stylish ones at the party :)

The evening wrapped up with a fun trek across Baltimore to go to Frank and Nics with my new Fitbloggin' friends, Heidi, Luke and Matt. I have never been so happy to eat yummy bar food. I was starving after all the working out. After trying to convince everyone they should come see me and Katy present in the morning, I called it an night and headed back home.

The first day was absolutely exhausting, but a complete blast. I miss Fitbloggin' and all my bloggy buddies so much. Recaps of Saturday coming soon.

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