Wedding Pictures

by - Monday, May 23, 2011

I promise a full Fitbloggin' recap once I finish processing everything from this weekend. I learned a ton, I met a bunch of great people and I am absolutely exhausted today because this weekend was insane.

But first I wanted to share a few pictures from my cousin Laura's wedding this weekend.

Laura looked absolutely stunning, and it was a fun weekend spending time with family.

I can't take credit for most of these pictures. My Aunt Chris has a super nice camera and her pictures turned out much better than mine, so most of these are from her.

Laura and Nate program
Wedding program

Walking down the aisle
Laura walking down the aisle. Her dress was amazing.

In the church
Laura and Nate in the church

Exchanging rings
Exchanging rings

Outside the church
Laura and Nate after the ceremony

View of the Inner Harbor from the reception
The absolutely gorgeous view of the Inner Harbor from the reception. Who knew Baltimore could be so pretty?

Me and Mom at dinner
Me and mom at dinner. Ignore the big hair, it was humid.

The cake

Amy and Abby
My cousin Amy and her daughter Abby

Jess and Nikki at afterpart
Me and Nikki at the after party.

Fitbloggin' recap to come soon! I promise!

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