Anything But Running

by - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That has been my motto when it's come to workouts lately.

Ever since the half marathon in Philly, I've wanted to be active, but running is the absolute last thing I've wanted to do. You'd think my running shoes had the plague or something, that's the kind of distance I've been keeping.

Luckily, while I was home in PA, I was able to hit the pool with my mom a few times for some really great workouts.


My mom swims with a masters swim group, and every morning they get to the pool and one of the ladies in the group has put together a workout everyone can follow.

On Wednesday, the workout looked something like this:

swim workout
I followed the workout in the right column.

Lots of short sprints!

That's my kind of pool workout! I get really bored swimming longer distances and lose count really easily on the number of laps I've done.

I impressed myself by being able to complete the entire workout. (Though I did bust out the fins for the 125's and 150's because I couldn't quite make the time intervals without them.)

In total, we swam about 2,775 yards.

Not too shabby for having not been in a pool for more than two years.

I was actually really bummed the pool was closed on Black Friday because I was itching to get another pool workout in.

I've been doing some research on pools in D.C. because I definitely plan to spend a lot of time this off season in the pool.

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