NYC & Priscella Queen of the Desert

by - Monday, November 28, 2011

It has been so nice being home in PA for more than week. I'm kind of sad to head back to D.C. today, but I did get to do a little bit of everything on this trip home: spend time with family, catch up with high school friends and take a nice day trip to NYC.

Bryant Park

Me and my mom in Bryant Park

My mom and I like to take day trips into New York when I'm home because it's such a short ride away from Allentown. Sometimes we go for no reason and just walk around enjoying the city, and during the holidays check out the fun window displays.


But this time we had a great reason.

We were going to see my friend Steve in his second Broadway show, Priscella Queen of the Desert!

Jess and Steve
Me and Steve after the show

Back in the day, Steve and I used to dance at the same dance academy. (Yes, I used to dance, from when I was four years old until I graduated high school.) And his family goes to my parents' church, so I guess it's safe to say, we go way back.

I was so excited to see the show. It has been getting amazing reviews, for everything from the incredibly upbeat music to the outlandish and over-the-top costumes, to the funny and sometimes touching plot line about three drag queens road tripping across Australia.

Music list
Songs from the show

Priscella set
Curtain before the show started

Steve plays the role of Young Bernadette, the much-younger version of one of the lead characters. He's also the understudy for one of the leads. I may have secretly been hoping the lead needed a day off after the holidays so we could see Steve in that role. No such luck though!

The first time Steve walked onstage wearing a ridiculous drag costume with fake eyelashes that looked like they were a mile long from my seat in 10th row, I busted out laughing. And I pretty much didn't stop laughing the remainder of the show.

Priscella doors
Yes those are three guys in drag

Steve did an amazing job. (No surprise there. He's an incredibly talented actor/singer/dancer.) The rest of the cast was phenomenal too. Those guys pulled off playing ladies surprisingly well.

After the show, Steve gave us a tour of the costume area, his dressing room and took us up on the stage. It's fun to get a sneak peek at how everything happens behind the scenes.

If you're in NYC, trying to figure out what show to see, go see Priscella (unless you have young kids, then maybe go see Mary Poppins or the Lion King.) You will laugh until you cry.

Oh and what's a trip to NYC without a ridiculous picture with the characters roaming around Time Square:

Time Square

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